Livorno’s Port Network Authority gets reorganized

Work in the Coronavirus era

by Port News Editorial Staff

Smart working, offices closed to the public, “facilitated” holidays. These are some of the measures that the North Tyrrhenian Port Network Authority has adopted to deal with the Coronavirus emergency.

It was the Managing Director, Massimo Provinciali, who arranged the reorganization of the working regime of its staff with a Circular issued late last night.

In particular, the document favours “remote working”, to be organized by objectives and in compliance with the set procedures for safeguarding the Port Network Authority’s data and system security.

Primarily, the smart working option is open to people suffering from chronic diseases or with congenital compromised immune systems, commuters who use public transport to travel from home to their office at the Port Network Authority; parents with school-age children (under 14); employees who care for parents of over 65 years of age. As a secondary measure, requests from staff who do not fall into the listed categories will also be assessed (“after consultation with their manager and having assessed available resources and working requirements”).

The Managing Director also recommends that employees who have accumulated a lot of untaken leave should agree with their managers to take a period of annual leave of up to ten working days.

Another key point in the Circular, the closure of offices to the general public; contacts can still continue by telephone or e-mail.

Finally, the Port Network Authority’s headquarters at Palazzo Rosciano are to close every day by 6.00 p.m., in order to allow the firm entrusted with the daily cleaning service to better disinfect office surfaces.

The measures in the Circular shall be effective until 3rd April 2020, unless further provisions of a national and/or regional nature are issued.

Translation by Giles Foster

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