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250 million euros to develop Tuscan ports

by Port News Editorial Staff

During the meeting, Palazzo Rosciano’s executive body also gave the go-ahead to update the Port Manpower Agency’s tariffs

The 2023 Provisional Budget, increase in port manpower agency fees and maximum number of authorizations for performing  port operations and services.

These were the key points discussed this morning at the North Tyrrhenian Port Network Authority’s Management Committee meeting.

Provisional Budget
The budget for the financial year 2023, presented by Port Network Authority’s Senior Administrative Executive, Simone Gagliani, and approved by the Management Committee, shows a cash surplus of 112 million euros and an administration surplus that will decrease by 73.6 million euros from 132 million to 58 million euros by the end of next year.

In 2023, there will also be substantial capital infrastructure expenditures, totaling  almost 250 million euros:

Over 77 million euros will come from the PNRR complementary fund and will be used for the electrification of the Network ports’ quays. Another 18 million will be taken from the funds related  to the PNRR’s Green Ports project. It will be used for environmental mitigation initiatives.  55 million euros will be invested in the construction of the second lot of the SS398 fast road between Gagno and Piombino, and a further 42 million euros will be used to complete the first lot of the West Quay of Piombino’s North Dock.

Among the projects to be carried out with funding from tax revenues and the Port Network Authority’s own resources are the dredging of the seaward areas of the Chiusa in the port of Piombino (3.9 million euros); the redevelopment and renovation  of the Saline warehouse building complex in the port of Portoferraio known as the former Cromofilm (5 million euros); the construction of the harbour pilot tower in the port of Piombino (5.5 million euros); and the dredging of the Oil Dock  in Livorno (3.7 million euros).

Finally, the second lot of the reprofiling of the harbour access canal quay in the vicinity of the Marzocco tower will be financed for 18 million euros, through a loan taken out with the European Investment Bank.

In total, the Three-Year 2023/2025 Public Works Programme annexed to the Budget envisages  415 million euros for  investments over the three-year period, 243 million of which in 2023, 127 in 2024 and 45 in 2025.

In 2023 the Port Network Authority expects to collect 19.6 million euros from port taxes (12.15 mln) and anchorage dues (7.45 mln) from  Livorno and Piombino. Revenues from authorizations to carry out port operations are expected to amount to 350,000 euros.

Port Manpower Agency tariffs
During the meeting, the Management Committee approved the revision of the Port Manpower Agency tariff framework. This agency is authorized to provide temporary labour for port operations and services. Its stakeholders include 12 of Livorno Port’s leading operators.

In particular, a 8.5% across-the-board increase in the standard tariff and the corresponding discounted tariff (linked to the monthly development of a certain number of shifts) has been proposed.

The tariff increase has become  necessary due to the changed market conditions and the effect these have had on the economic-financial stability of the Livorno Port’s temporary manpower agency. The aim is to allow this category to lighten the burden of inflation and adequately cover labour and organizational costs.

Maximum number of authorizations
Lastly, for 2023, the Committee confirmed the maximum number of authorizations that can be granted pursuant to Article 16 of Port Reform Law 84/94. A maximum number of 18 permits are now allowed for companies performing port operations 12 for those providing port services in the port of Livorno.

In the port of Piombino and the Elban ports of Portoferraio, Rio Marina and Cavo, the maximum number of authorizations for companies performing port operations has been confirmed at 10 and 3 respectively. For those providing port  services, the maximum number remains 6 for Piombino and 3 for Elba.

Translation by Giles Foster

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