New multi-annual CEF call for proposals

Areas involved:
Opening date: 16/10/2019 Deadline: 26/02/2020

Status: Expired

The new multi-annual call for proposals for the Connecting Europe Facility was published on October 16th. The call, which will expire on 26th February 2020, provides a rather rich budget of €1.4 billion for projects on pre-identified sections of the central corridors of the TEN-T networks, including the Motorways of the Sea.

Funding opportunities range from infrastructure to alternative fuel interventions, intelligent transport systems and modal shift improvement actions in urban nodes.

As usual, the programme finances projects which have reached a good stage of maturity, which demonstrate their cost-effectiveness by means of a specific cost-benefit analysis and which have the approval of the Member States concerned.

EU co-financing rates range from 50% in the case of studies and projects to 30% for Motorways of the Sea actions and 20% of costs for port infrastructure works. Part of the funds is allocated to Cohesion countries, and therefore cannot be used for actions located in Italy.

This call for proposals marks the conclusion of the 2014-2020 CEF programme, after the publication of the much more substantial Notices in previous years, in particular the 2014 one, which totaled 13.1 billion euros. The projects financed by this Call must end by 31st December 2023.