Next Friday, from 9 a.m, at Sala Ferretti

A conference to relaunch Tuscan SLZ

by Port News Editorial Staff

What happened to the Tuscan Simplified Logistics Zone (SLZ)? Launched by Tuscany Regional Administration back in 2019, the procedure for setting it up was formalized on 26th April 2022 with a Regional Council resolution giving it the go-ahead. The proposal for a SLZ was sent to the Italian government. However, the issue has remained unsolved to date because the decree of the President of the Council of Ministers putting its establishment into effect is still missing.

The North Tyrrhenian Port Network Authority has decided to organize a conference on the subject in Livorno on next Friday at Livorno ‘s Old Fortress (Sala Ferretti) to try to speed up the procedure, inviting regional and national politicians, trade association representatives, and the Deputy Minister for Infrastructure, Edoardo Rixi, to sit around the same table.

Institutional representatives and qualified sector experts will be speaking at the conference. After institutional greetings by Port Network Authority (PNA) President, Luciano Guerrieri, and the mayor of Livorno, Luca Salvetti, and the introduction by PNA managing director, Matteo Paroli, it will be the task of university lecturer Francesco Munari to illustrate the role of the SLZ in the area’s economic growth.

This will be followed by a round table discussion moderated by journalist Morena Pivetti. The president of Assoporti, Rodolfo Giampieri, will be speaking, as well as Tuscany Region’s Councilor for the Economy and Productive Activities, Leonardo Marras, and regional councillors Francesco Torselli (Fratelli d’Italia) and Francesco Gazzetti (PD). Members of Parliament from the Transport Commission (Valentina Ghio, from the PD group) the Productive Activities and Budget Commission (Andrea Barabotti, from the Lega per Salvini group), and the Labour Commission (Chiara Tenerini, from the Forza Italia group).

There will then be a second round-table discussion between various trade association representatives with contributions from the president of Confindustria Livorno-Massa Carrara, Piero Neri the director of Assiterminal, Alessandro Ferrari, the secretary general of Fise Uniport, Paolo Ferrandino, the vice-president of Confetra Toscana with delegation to the ports, Gloria Dari, the president of the Maremma & Tyrrhenian Chamber of Commerce, Riccardo Breda, and the general director of Ancip, Gaudenzio Parenti.

Concluding remarks will be entrusted to the President of Tuscany Regional Administration, Eugenio Giani, and Deputy Minister Edoardo Rixi.

The conference will begin at 9 a.m.

Translation by Giles Foster

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