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Cop26: A lot of talk, little action

by Port News Editorial Staff

According to the secretary general of the International Chamber of Shipping (ICS), Guy Platten, Cop 26 was a missed opportunity for moving forward with practical measures towards the development of zero-emission ships and, in general, the decarbonization of the sector. He said he was disappointed that the words and commitments made by governments at COP26 have not yet been put into action.

Mr. Platten warned that governments cannot continue to just kick the can down the road; any delay moves us further away from achieving urgent climate goals.

The ICS considers it essential to adopt two measures in particular: setting up a 5 billion research and development fund and, subsequently, defining a tax to be charged to shipping based on the amount of carbon released into the atmosphere.

Adopting both of these measures will be the only way to achieve zero emissions from shipping by 2050, while ensuring an equitable transition that leaves no one behind, Platen said.

He stressed that time is running out and we must do everything in our power to decarbonize right now. The industry will continue to pressure IMO to act as the importance of addressing climate change is too great to pass up.

Translation by Giles Foster

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