Call for CEF 2019 proposals – Global network projects

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Opening date: 08/01/2019 Deadline: 24/04/2019

Status: Expired

The European Commission is making €100 million available, divided into projects to be carried out on the Global Network (€65 million) and projects to reduce traffic noise generated by the rail network (€35 million), with a call for proposals due out in January 2019. The types of projects supported by the European Union concern studies and works to complete cross-border sections, roads, railways and waterways of the global TEN-T network, which, let us remember, includes the infrastructure aimed at ensuring cohesion between the different regions of the EU. Seaports are also among the EU’s funding objectives, with reference to hinterland connections, safety and control infrastructure, facilities for waste management and treatment, and investments to provide ports with alternative fuels such as LNG. It should be remembered that the call for proposals finances works or studies, in the form of designs or analyses, required, for example, for environmental impact procedures, but pilot actions are not supported. As usual, the highest rate of co-financing goes to studies (50%), while works in seaports can get up to 20% of the total cost of the project. The selected projects can start in October 2019.

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