404 million euros from the EU for innovation and sustainability

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The European Commission has announced the list of CEF Blending 2017 projects eligible for funding. 35 projects have been selected, amounting to the equivalent of €404.8 million. They will be financed both by the funds currently available from the Connecting Europe Facility and by funding from public or private financial institutions (NPBs, EIB, private banks, equity funds).

Among the projects supported by the Commission, ample space has been given to Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) with the construction of the future maritime and land alternative fuel distribution network, the conversion of local public transport fleets and solutions for safety and air traffic control.

The EU Commission has thus sought to support projects with a high degree of maturity, both to reduce the environmental impact of transport activities and to increase transport safety levels.

With this call for proposals, the financial allocation of the CEF 2014-2020 program is nearing completion, with €22.3 billion already earmarked to finance projects out of a total of €23.2 billion available.

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The CEF-Transport Blending 2017 call is the first example of innovative experience aimed at leveraging private investment through the use of CEF funds. By combining funds, financial instruments and grants, the aim is to reduce the environmental impact of transport activities, to increase safety levels through innovation. The spotlight is on the development of LNG.