5.4 billion for the environment from the EU

Areas involved:


In its 2021-2027 programming, the Commission intends to allocate new funds to combat climate change and to support initiatives in favour of environmental sustainability. The budget foreseen for this period is 60% higher than in the current programming period, with a total budget of €5.45 billion. This financial effort corresponds to the willingness of European countries to keep the increase in temperature within 2 degrees in relation to pre-industrial values, as established by the COP 21Paris Agreement.

In this context, the proposed funding will aim to increase the use of clean energy, adapt to climate change and promote the circular economy. The LIFE programme, unlike other European programmes, will be strengthened in the context of an increasing focus of the European budget on environmental issues, with an expected share, between 2021 and 2027, of 25% of the total for climate change objectives.

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Combating climate change and environmental sustainability are at the heart of policies for Europe's future. In the 2021-2027 programming period, the budget for green projects will be increased by 60%.