Meeting with the German shippers from Swabia

Genoa strengthens ties with Germany

by Port News Editorial Staff

The Ports of Genoa, with the support  of Promos Italia and the Italian Chamber of Commerce in Germany, presented its logistics services to Swabian exporters and importers finding great interest in the southern route’s logistics alternatives to Mediterranean and Adriatic ports.

The Western Liguria Port Network Authority announced it in a statement stressing  that existing rail logistics solutions from the Basel area of Switzerland, could be extended to the Baden Wurttemberg and Swabia markets with  competitive transit times and great flexibility in terms of  the choice of shipping companies calling at the ports of Genoa and Savona.

The German shippers present at the meeting showed a growing interest in Mediterranean destinations and origins of cargoes. This is partly due to  the nearshoring policy that industrial operators from southern Germany are currently applying to certain North African countries and Turkey.

According to the Port Network Authority, the Swabian Logistics Cluster has welcomed the opportunity  of taking part  in a business delegation visit to the Ports of Genoa to be organized at the end of the  Summer, to lay the groundwork for a direct and ongoing dialogue with port operators and ancillary services in Genoa and Savona.

Translation by Giles Foster

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