Livorno port at Berlin’s Fruit Logistica

by Port News Editorial Staff

Once again, this year, the North Tyrrhenian Port Network Authority took part  in the 2024 edition of Fruit Logistica. With a clear objective in mind: to promote the services Livorno port provides in the perishable goods transport sector.

What Livorno’s port community presented at one of the largest international trade fairs in the fruit and vegetable sector was not just a project, but an organizational model capable of increasingly adapting itself to the constant changes and new challenges of sustainable transition, digital transformation and system integration.

Livorno port returned to Berlin with its approach to cold chain and shared management, enabling cold chain actors to integrate their business processes to deliver products, services and information smoothly.

Terminal Darsena Toscana (TDT), with over 890 of the 1264 reefer storage sockets available. Livorno Reefer Terminal (LRT), on the industrial canal, has 12 cold-storage rooms with temperatures ranging from -2° to +18°C, a climate distribution area and 100 outlets. In 2023 it handled 6,500 reefer units, amounting to 130,000 pallets. Vespucci freight village, which through the company CSC (40% owned by Vespucci freight village and the remaining 60% by  private sector stakeholders F.lli Colò, Db Group and Ctpr Magagnini) manages an efficient facility for cold and frozen goods that handled 4200 reefer containers and 89,000 pallets last year.

This is what Livorno port community showcased at one of the most important events for the international fresh fruit and vegetable sector.

Promotion was not given to mere ‘pieces’ of port but to high value-added facilities that port operators, coordinated by the North Tyrrhenian Port Network Authority, were able to capitalize on, thanks to solid business partnerships.

Livorno Cold Chain is an intermodal network that benefits from an ideal central location for reaching the most strategic destinations for fruit and vegetable markets in central and northern Italy and Europe.

The percentage of reefer containers handled at Livorno has increased since 2019. In 2023, the port handled 28,163 full reefers, or 11% of all full containers. 67% of these were loaded or unloaded at Terminal Darsena Toscana.

Full import containers accounted for 20% of all incoming containers. 75.5% (or 14,759 units) were handled at Terminal Darsena Toscana. Fruit, fish and foodstuffs were the main categories.

Full export containers accounted for 5.5% of all outgoing containers. Terminal Darsena Toscana handled 49% of them, or 4,212 units. General cargo, foodstuffs, wines and spirits, and beer were the main items shipped.

Translation by Giles Foster

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