Moving towards widening the harbour access channel

Livorno to remove its ENI pipeline

by Port News Editorial Staff

In April, work will begin on removing the Eni pipeline that runs along the two banks of the harbour access channel, restricting  the port’s accessibility.

Yesterday afternoon the Port Network Authority (PNA), Livorno Eni Refinery, the Harbour Authority and Livorno Harbour Pilots presented the project to terminal operators

The work is preparatory to the definitive widening of the narrow stretch of water near the Marzocco Tower. The project is designed to make the harbour more accessible. It will allow larger boxships than the ones currently berthing at Darsena Toscana’s east and west banks to safely come into the port.

Removing the pipeline will take approximately seven months. It will be carried out at night, from 11pm to 7am, to keep  harbour traffic disruption to a minimum. What made the opening of the construction sites possible was completing the laying of a new pipeline inside the Microtunnel, carried out by Eni Refinery in 2023.

Once the ENI pipeline has been taken away, the Port Network Authority will be able to fully implement the Integrated Project Delivery contract to widen the harbour access channel to 125 metres. The call for tenders, was published in July and the awarding procedure is currently  in progress.  The contract,  worth €20 million, will be financed entirely by the PNA.

The project consists of quaying one of the banks of the channel to the commercial port, which is currently less than  60 metres wide at its narrowest and 90 metres at its widest. The new quay will also allow the subsequent dredging work to be carried out. It  will ensure a depth of 13 metres below the banks and 16 metres at the centre of the shipping channel.

The work is set to be completed by the end of 2025, by which time the port will have  a harbour access channel suitable for full containerships over 330 metres’ long.

President Luciano Guerrieri was very satisfied: “After having completed the Microtunnel, one of the most complex engineering projects over the last few years, and after having succeeded, thanks to ENI, in laying the new pipelines inside, we can now start the second part of the project. This is an important modernization operation that is long overdue,” he said.

“I would like to thank all our  PNA staff,  terminal operators, the Harbour Authority, Livorno Harbour Pilots, and ENI for the work they have been doing together which has been very fruitful. This project will allow our port to take a clear quality leap forward, significantly improving our  vessel accommodation capacity,” said Managing Director Matteo Paroli.

Translation by Giles Foster

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