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MSC, still at the top of the big carrier list

by Port News Editorial Staff

MSC firmly holds onto its leadership as the world’s largest shipping company in terms of  boxship fleet operational capacity.

Alphaliner disclosed this in its latest survey on 30th November. Today the group set up by Sorrentine ship owner Gianluigi Aponte has a fleet of 709 container ships with a total capacity of 4,572,036 TEUs, 315.5 thousand TEUs more than Maersk.

MSC has the largest capacity in terms of company-owned ships, representing 54.9% of the total capacity deployed by Aponte’s group. The Danish carrier, on the other hand, has 345 company- owned ships, just over 40% of the total.

Overall, the MSC fleet currently consists of 406 company-owned ships and 303 chartered vessels. Maersk, on the other hand, has 711 ships to its credit, which includes 366 chartered units.

Since the  November 2nd  update, there appears to have been no change in the market shares held by the two big carriers. MSC has a global market share of 17.5%. The Danish carrier has a 16.3% one.

MSC continues to lead the list of companies with the largest number of orders under their belt. In fact, the carrier has ordered the construction of 125 new boxships to date, totaling over 1.7 million TEUs. Maersk has ordered 32 newbuildings or 377,000 TEUs.

CMA CGM remains in  third position, with a fleet of 600 vessels. Out of the companies examined, it is the one with the largest number of chartered ships. It has 371 of them, 53.1% of the total. The French group has an operating capacity of 3,385,266 TEUs and a market share of 13%, up by 0.1% since the last update on  November 2nd.

Cosco follows: the Chinese carrier has  the fourth largest fleet in terms of operational capacity, which, to date, stands at 2,863,660 TEUs, with a total of 462 ships.

As of November 30th  2022, the global  fleet of containerships currently in the water totaled 6500 vessels , 11 units more than the November 2nd  update, with a total capacity of 26.287 million TEUs.

Translation by Giles Foster

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