Green light from the Management Committee

N.Tyrrhenian Port Authority gets new MD

by Port News Editorial Staff

Matteo Paroli is the new managing director of the North Tyrrhenian Port Network Authority. President Luciano Guerrieri’s proposal was approved unanimously this morning by the Management Committee.

Graduating in law at the University of Siena, Matteo Paroli has been registered as a certified lawyer by Livorno’s Bar Association since 2000.  He brings years of administrative and professional experience to Livorno/Piombino Port Network Authority. From 2015, he has held the position of managing director, first at Ancona Port Authority and then at the Central Adriatic Port Network Authority, following the establishment of the new body.

Since 1995 he has giving lectures, seminars and examinations at the University of Pisa on Transport and Maritime Law at the Faculty of Economics and Business, and at the Faculty of Law, Department of Public Law. Since 2017, he has been professor of maritime law at the University of Macerata.

For Mr. Paroli this marks a return to Livorno Port Authority, where, over the years, he held various positions and roles, including being interim managing director from 2005 to 2007.

For Livorno Port Authority, he held managerial positions in various sectors: international relations, administration and finance, state property, assets and port work; a position he held until his appointment as managing director of Ancona Port Authority.

Dr. Paroli will replace Massimo Provinciali, who has been at the helm of the technical-operational secretariat since 2011, first alongside President Giuliano Gallanti, who firmly wanted him at Palazzo Rosciano, and then alongside former President Stefano Corsini.

“Matteo Paroli got his training here at this authority. His professional expertise fully matches the competences that the legislation envisages for the managing director,” said Mr. Guerrieri, who wanted to thank Mr. Provinciali for “the commendable work he has done over the years”.

“I have been able to appreciate Massimo Provinciali’s expertise and daily dedication to his delicate task. His human and professional qualities,’ he concludes, ‘have made him a point of reference for everyone since his arrival in Livorno.”

Mr. Provinciali will remain managing director until 14th September 2021 and in the meantime will be in charge of ensuring the transition of authority to Mr.  Paroli, who will rejoin the Authority  as top manager as of 2nd August.

“This is the last Management Committee as Managing Director,” said Mr. Provinciali. I arrived in Livorno with a view to staying only four years. Instead, ten years have passed. They have been intense, demanding but always exciting years. I will leave with a lot of satisfaction for what I have managed to build in these two five-year periods and with some regrets, as is only right and proper.”

Mr Provinciali also wished to speak out in favour of his successor: “Mr Paroli is a colleague and a first-class professional. He was able to put himself on the line even far from Livorno, as his experience alongside Rodolfo Giampieri at Ancona Port Network Authority showed. He is the right person to face the many challenges that await the Authority in the near future”.

The Management Committee then addressed other items on the agenda. Among these the 12-month extension of the port concessions that are currently in act or which expired on 31st December 2020. The provision laid down in the Decreto Rilancio* (Article 199, DL 34/2020), (*the Italian Government’s relaunch decree – translator’s note) and presented as a briefing to the Management Committee for acknowledgement, makes it possible to give some breathing space to companies operating in the port.

Among the various issues addressed was the one concerning the individuation of a single  manager of the fuel supply service in the Elban port of Portoferraio. The choice fell on the Barontini company, which was awarded an annual concession that will take effect on 1st January 2021.

The Management Committee also approved the resolution to grant the SOC. AGR. AGROITTICA TOSCANA S.R.L., a concession for the use of a sea area in the Port of Piombino which comes into effect on 1st August 2021 and expires on 31st July 2025.

Essentially a formality, instead, was the Management Committee’s confirmation of its  “reapproval” of the Port Network Authority’s 2021-2023 Three Year Operational Plan, already approved in January 2021 by the previous Port Network Authority President, Stefano Corsini. It’s a formality that is rendered necessary by the change in top management at the Authority and the nomination of the new president, who is required by law to submit the fundamental planning tool to the Management Committee for approval within 90 days of taking office.

Translation by Giles Foster

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