Work started on the completion of a 1260-ton hull

Piombino, new business for PIM

by Port News Editorial Staff

Piombino Industrie Marittime continues to bring new work to the port of Piombino. In fact, the joint venture between the Livorno-based group Neri and the Genoese group San Giorgio del Porto announced this morning that it has begun another hull outfitting and completion project.

A special lifting and positioning manoeuvre, which is of particular interest due to its unusual characteristics, has been carried out at the company’s facility.

“After a few days dedicated to the complex but indispensable preparation operations with the SVENJA (a unit capable of safely lifting exceptionally heavy loads), we lifted the hull of a new construction, weighing an impressive 1,260 tons, out of the water,” said PIM CEO Valerio Mulas.

The hull was placed on the shipbuilding company’s yards where all the operations required to complete the new vessel will take place.

In  PIM CEO’s opinion, this is “a further sign of continuity and commitment of Piombino Industrie Marittime, its shareholders and all its workers, for industrial development and creating employment in the Port of Piombino.”

PIM was set up in August 2020 as a shipbuilding and demolition centre. Over the last few years it has been specializing in ship repairs and conversions.  A few months ago it completed  the construction of the new dry dock boat entrance number 10 of the Marseille Shipyard (67% owned by San Giorgio del Porto), and securing important orders in the nautical field as well: in the next few weeks, the first 52-metre mega yacht hull will be delivered.

In short, there is no lack of work, so much so that the company is optimistic about  the future. “The prospects for the months to come are extremely positive. We are sure that thanks to the cooperation with the Port Network Authority, the Harbour Master’s Office, and all the other administrations, other initiatives like these will soon be able to be launched in our areas.”

According to the president of the Port Network Authority, Luciano Guerrieri, PIM’s work confirms the good health of a sector, shipbuilding and ship repair,  which has found  suitable set-up for itself in Piombino: “The Port Network Authority has made a major effort to complete the docks in the area now granted in concession to PIM in record time. It is currently in the  process of finishing  the most important  urbanization work. We are happy to know that our efforts have well and truly been rewarded by the company’s brilliant results.”

Translation by Giles Foster

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