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3-day training event in Livorno, Piombino & Portoferraio

PNA sets course to port employment

by Port News Editorial Staff

A workforce with the right skills contributes to sustainable growth, increases innovation and improves the competitiveness of port companies. This is the starting point for the three-day training event promoted by the North Tyrrhenian Port Network Authority in its ports. It is part of the Italian Port Days initiative jointly launched by the Port Network Authorities and coordinated by the Italian Port Association to bring local citizens closer to port life and culture.

In the European Year of Skills, inaugurated on May 9th and designated by the European Union to re-launch the importance of training as a decisive factor in seizing the opportunities offered by green and digital transition, the PNA intends to open a window on employment trends and skills that are emerging just as the world is gradually recovering from the pandemic.

It begins in Piombino, where an open day will be organized next Friday, at the conference room of the PNA’s branch office, aimed at new diploma-holders from the Val di Cornia, Einaudi-Ceccherelli and Carducci-Pacinotti Volta secondary schools.

As part of the rich programme planned for the day, school children will be introduced to two ITSs (post diploma technical training programs), in particular, that will kick off in Livorno at  the end of October.

Both courses last two years and include many laboratory hours, with high employment prospects. The first is TECLOG Tecnico della logistica promoted by the ISYL Foundation in cooperation with the North Tyrrhenian Port Network Authority and the Maremma & Tyrrhenian Chamber of Commerce.

The second is promoted by the ATE Foundation and is a port infrastructure technician course: Hydrotech. This too will be held in cooperation with the North Tyrrhenian PNA.

Some of the area’s leading companies, including Agroittica, Etrusca Profilati, Liberty Magona, Nuova Solmine and Scuola Tessieri, will be involved in the initiative. The opportunities the Erasmus+ programme offers as a training exchange and skills orientation for Blue Economy professionals will also be illustrated. Workers and students who have taken part in Erasmus+ projects will be the protagonists of the event, presenting their experiences.

The following day the initiative will be repeated in Portoferraio. The PNA will set up a meeting between students and port companies at the “G. Cerboni” technical institute, Piazzale A.Buttafuoco, 1 and ISIS “R.FORESI”, Via Carlo Bini 4. This will be followed by a presentation by the schools in Portoferraio (ITCG “G. Cerboni” and ISIS “R. Foresi“), with testimonials  by students and teachers who have taken part in the Erasmus+ programme. The training day will also include a performance by the school theatre workshop “Le Perle dell’Arecipelago” of ISIS R. Fores and a visit to the ESAOM-CESA boatyard, one of the largest in the Mediterranean.

Finally, there will be an open day on Monday 9th October in Livorno’s Old Fortress. Here too, meetings between companies and students will be scheduled, and first-hand accounts will be collected from those taking part in the Erasums+ programme. The results of some of the European projects the Port Network Authority has promoted and taken part in will also be illustrated, in particular, “Ports & Skills“, focusing on   exchanging best practices, in  ongoing training, for developing professional expertise, in line with the organizational, economic and technological changes dictated by the market sector.

Finally, the day will also feature a musical interlude and a visit to the workshops and exhibition set up by the students at the Old Fortress.

Translation by Giles Foster

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