Sea Intelligence analysis

Red Sea, only limited impact on capacity

by Port News Editorial Staff

According to Sea Intelligence’s latest report, re-routing shipping through the Cape of Good Hope has had a very limited impact on hold capacity on  the Asia-North Europe and Asia-Mediterranean trade routes. On  the Asia-North Europe route capacity has shrunk by 4.9% since mid-December. while on the Asia-Mediterranean one it has fallen by just 1.4%.

What is interesting is that it was mainly the transpacific trade that has seen the greatest capacity downturn. On the trade route between Asia and the east coast of North America, it has fallen by 7.5%, while on the routes between the Far East and the US west coast there has been  a 6.9% drop.

Sea Intelligence points out that despite drastic schedule changes, the Red Sea crisis has only marginally affected the hold capacity on offer  for  traffic  between Asia and Europe.

Translation by Giles Foster

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