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Tailwind Shipping Lines up & running

by Port News Editorial Staff

Tailwind Shipping Lines, the shipping company set up in April by German retail chain Lidl to address the critical issues of delivery delays and the problem of high freight rates charged by large intercontinental carriers, is now officially operational.

Indeed, on August 17th, the Wiking completed its maiden voyage on the China-Europe Panda service, which has the  Taicang, Ningbo, Dachan Bay, Koper, Barcelona, Rotterdam rotation. This is the first of four box ships purchased by the distribution giant for trade along the routes between Asia and Europe.

On August 20th the second of these ships, the Talassa (of 5527 TEUs), made its first call at Koper. The other two vessels are the Jadrana and the Northern Volition.

Currently one sailing  is scheduled every 16 days on the route. The number of ships will increase in the future and will gradually be upgraded to one sailing  per week, depending on market needs.

Translation by Giles Foster

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