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Trail-blazing training in Piombino

by Port News Editorial Staff

After the success of the  Percorsi per le Competenze Trasversali e per l’Orientamento” (PCTO) (Soft Skills & Vocational Guidance Programs) initiative set up by the North Tyrrhenian Port Network Authority as part of the Mareport experimental project in 2022 and the degree of satisfaction expressed by the students in Livorno,  it was also carried out in Piombino, with an equally positive response from pupils, operators and teachers.

The program, which began on 20th February and ended on 31st March, lasted a total of 32 hours, and involved classes III, IV and V of the ‘Einaudi Ceccherelli’ secondary school.

In the first part of the program, the students attended a training course on how the port and maritime industry is organized, in particular, the role of  public and private bodies, and the key professions in the sector. Special attention was given to Aquafarming  and its potential for developing employment opportunities.

In fact, the Agroittica Toscana fish-farming company was closely involved in the program. Students had the opportunity to visit the company and witness the quality product selection procedures, packaging and the logistics of the distribution process.

Later, the students worked on a project to prepare recipes that would promote the fish being bred by Agroittica Toscana.

The closing event was attended by Bernard Dika, spokesman for the president of Tuscany Regional Administration, the President of Indire, Cristina Grieco, the President of the Maremma & Tyrrhenian Chamber of Commerce, Riccardo Breda, and Secretary General, Pierluigi Giuntoli,  Piombino municipal councillors, Sabrina Nigro and Simona Cresci, and Castagneto Carducci town councillor Catia Mottola. Also present were the Piombino Harbour Master Alberto Poletti, and fire service, Confesercenti and Confcommercio representatives.

“We have invested a lot in this project,” said North Tyrrhenian Port Network Authority senior training executive Claudio Capuano. “We have invested our resources to provide a high-quality, first-class training opportunity for students from all over the province  and to help them build their future by identifying the port and maritime industry as a possible employment opportunity,” he added.

Cristina Grieco expressed her satisfaction and spoke of the project as a model ‘that Indire can promote for other initiatives in the area.

Other PCTO editions are being implemented on Elba island.  Cerboni secondary school will be taking part in a program promoting tourism. Other training initiatives will be set up again in Livorno.

Translation by Giles Foster

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