Appeal by the Secretary General of the International Chamber of Shipping

Ukraine grain, safe passage is imperative

by Port News Editorial Staff

Grain must continue to move safely out of the Ukraine. “It is imperative that ships already in the grain corridor do not become collateral damage and are allowed safe passage.”

The Secretary General of the International Chamber of Shipping, Guy Platten, said this following the Russian government’s decision to suspend “indefinitely” the agreement guaranteeing the passage of ships carrying Ukrainian grain in the Black Sea.

“The Black Sea Grain Initiative,” he said, “has been a global success since it was first brokered, ensuring the timely movement  of food where it is sorely needed. We hope that a solution can be found.”

Mr. Platten also stressed that  the safety of seafarers “must remain a top priority, and all parties must give consideration to the crews who may now be stuck on board or in port due to factors beyond their control,”  He added that “ICS will continue to work closely with the JCC (Joint Coordination Centre, the organization that manages grain shipments) to ensure that the wellbeing of seafarers is not forgotten during this time.”

Translation by Giles Foster

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