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Shipping’s eco-friendly future

48% of vessels on order are eco-friendly

by Port News Editorial Staff

The shipping industry is gradually but surely veering towards environmental sustainability. To date, 48% of  the new vessels on  order will run on eco-friendly fuels

Clarksons’ Green Technology Tracker highlights this. A large proportion of the orders, 22% of the total tonnage, will be LNG-powered, an additional 14% reflect  a trend towards methanol.

In total, the order book now includes 371 LNG-ready vessels, 191 ammonia-ready, 130 methanol-ready and a further 9 hydrogen-ready.

Clarksons also estimates that Energy-Saving Technology (EST)  has already been installed on more than 6,250 ships, representing 27.3% of the fleet tonnage.

Translation by Giles Foster

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