A closer look at the future

by Port News Editorial Staff

President Stefano Corsini has offered Port Network Authority stakeholders an updated summary of the state of progress of the projects that will change the face of the ports of Livorno, Piombino and the islands over the next few years. A clear strategy to enhance existing infrastructure, which will soon allow entrepreneurs and logistics operators to multiply their investments and maritime traffic.

The port network vision has been appropriately exemplified in an institutional video released for the occasion. “All the interventions you see are interconnected in an overall project firmly embedded in national programming and widely shared by all the Institutions, first of all, by Tuscany Regional Administration, that, over the last few years, has never wavered in its support and with whom we have always collaborated with” said the President of the Network Authority.

With this initiative, Mr Corsini’s intention is to send a clear message to national and international operators:” What we have tried to represent in this video is not a “Book of Dreams” but a set of real projects, already financed or largely financed, which will be implemented in a time-frame compatible with the commercial dynamics of the big players,” Mr. Corsini continued.

“In five years, we will be able to offer stakeholders a unique example in the national port panorama, a perfectly integrated system capable of meeting new traffic targets thanks to suitable infrastructure and rail connections.”

The Darsena Europa facility in Livorno, the plans for development in the new areas of the port of Piombino, the enhancement of the Vespucci freight village (“we will enter the shareholding with a 30% share”) and the railway connections (the flyover between the port and the freight village, and the connection between the latter and the Collesalvetti-Vada line), are just some of the elements of a vision that will allow the network to “offer companies and operators a clear and effective picture of the potential that we are able to deliver. We have a clear objective to follow.  Our citizens can be proud of what these places are becoming, a source of development and employment,”concluded the Port Network Authority’s leading figure.

Translation by Giles Foster

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