A very busy weekend in Piombino

by Port News Editorial Staff

About 98,000 passengers arriving and departing and over 32,000 vehicles.  The port of Piombino had to deal with particularly heavy traffic last weekend, with the Port Network Authority having to cope with a constantly increasing flow of people and their cars.

The Port Network Authority was forced to deploy its own personnel – an average of 20 people on Saturday and the same number on Sunday – in order to constantly manage the situation and avoid the emergence of particular security problems following the inevitable congestion of the road network and the quays.

Moreover, if the weekend in Piombino turned out to be particularly busy, the one in Elba was no different: around  85,000 passengers and about 28,000 vehicles transited between Portoferraio and Rio Marina. These figures make Piombino and the Island of Elba two of the busiest destinations in Italy.

Particular attention was paid to ensuring compliance with anti-Covid measures in the Piombino passenger facility, equipped with sophisticated monitoring and queue management systems.

“After the terrible year of the pandemic crisis, our network ports, particularly the ports of Piombino and Elba Island, are beginning to show significant signs of recovery,” said President Luciano Guerrieri.

“The Port Network’s outstanding success in Ro-Ro/Pax traffic is highlighted not only by the volumes we handle, which make it one of the top performers in Italy, but also by the logistic links, which highlight the centrality of our ports in the Mediterranean. The efforts of the Port Network Authority’s Territorial Office in Piombino, in terms of planning and organization, have been particularly appreciated.  Together with the other institutions in charge, they have been working to guarantee a regular flow of vehicles and passengers to the quaysides.”

Translation by Giles Foster

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