Livorno PNA & Chamber of Commerce launch joint initiative

Boating & Blue Economy training MOU

by Port News Editorial Staff

Disseminating and sharing knowledge and skills to provide an even more tailormade response to training and employment needs in the recreational boating sector in the Livorno area.

This is what the Memorandum Of Understanding (MOU) signed a few days ago by the president of the North Tyrrhenian Port Network Authority, Luciano Guerrieri, and the president of Maremma & Tyrrhenian Chamber of Commerce, Riccardo Breda, sets out to achieve.

The MOU takes its cue from the ‘Livorno formYachting pilot project, launched by Livorno municipality  as part of the local vocational training & job placement pact between the  municipality, the PNA, the Chamber of Commerce, Tuscany Regional Administration, trade unions, high schools and trade associations signed in May 2021.

This is what led to setting up the Permanent Nautical Observatory, with the task of monitoring  the development and performance of the boating sector. The Port Network Authority, in collaboration with Navigo yachting company, has been chosen to represent the initiative.

Under the agreement signed today, the partners undertake to regulate the terms and procedures for identifying additional data, information, and data analysis areas appropriate for the Observatory, integrating the data analysis activities that the Chamber of Commerce already carries out through its Excelsior database and its own ad hoc company, Centro Studi e Servizi. This will involve setting up a joint workgroup.

“The signing of the Memorandum further reinforces the very constructive rapport between the Port Network Authority and the Chamber of Commerce,” Mr. Guerrieri stated. “It is a strategic gesture because it will help provide more effective training programs in our local area, paying particular attention to employment needs in the  green and blue supply chains. Training people who want to work in this sector continues to a key part of our strategy,” he added.

President Breda expressed his satisfaction, reiterating  the importance of the agreement. He confirmed  the Chamber of Commerce’s willingness to collaborate with the Port Network Authority to improve the Observatory, through the data the Excelsior Information System provides and the blue economy data analysis carried out by the Centro Studi e Servizi: “Identifying the main trends in the nautical sector and potential related training needs means taking tangible action to support businesses,” he said.

Translation by Giles Foster

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