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The International Day dedicated to the female workforce

Women at sea, the gender gap continues

by Port News Editorial Staff

Today we celebrate the “International Day for  Women in Maritime”. In a press release the Italian port association, Assoporti,  points out the importance of an event that aims to promote the visibility and involvement of women in the port sector.

It also stresses that the initiative  supports efforts to achieve the Sustainable Development Goal (SDG No. 5) and that it is a perfect time for the Association to remember the first objective  which was achieved in October 2021 when all the Port Network Authorities signed  the Gender Equality Pact.

“Today is the day ” says the association’s president, Rodolfo Giampieri, “when it is essential to remember that the gender gap still exists and we need to talk about it. At the end of the month we, at Assoporti, will have a new meeting with the group to define the platform dedicated to women working in ports. This platform  will  enable  data and good practices to be shared in real time.”

According to the data available today, women represent only 1.2 percent of the global seafarer workforce. As far as ports are concerned, Assoporti has initiated analytical work with the publication of some data in the Infographics report produced with SR. You can access  it  at the following link: https://www.assoporti.it/media/10333/port-infographics.pdf


Translation by Giles Foster

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