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A new rail link

Greece & Serbia building bridges

by Port News Editorial Staff

The Port of Thessaloniki has launched a new rail service between Northern Greece and Niš in southern Serbia.

The Greek Ports Port Authority (THPA) itself announced it in a press release.

The service, which began on August 17th, is expressly dedicated to CMA CGM, an indirect shareholder in the port through Terminal Link SAS, a consortium with China Holdings International, which holds a minority stake.

The majority stakeholder, since the port was privatized in 2018, is Cyprus-based Belterra Investments, controlled by Greek-Russian investor Niko Savvidis, which currently  has a  share of over 71%

ThPA said the first train took only 16 hours to get to Mbox intermodal terminal in Niš.

Translation by Giles Foster

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