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Italian Railway program contract, ok from CIPESS

Livorno, 300M for “Raccordo” project

by Port News Editorial Staff

CIPESS (Interministerial Committee for Economic Planning and Sustainable Development) has approved the “2022-2026 Italian State Railway Network program contract”

The rail links between the Port of Livorno, the railway  network and Guasticce Freight Village is one of the projects in the works-to-be-funded dossier.  Out of  a total of around 393 million, the financing  allotted to Livorno amounts to 304.9 million, which means that it is to receive  the majority of the funds envisaged in the contract.

The Raccordo project, once the construction of the “overpass” is completed, will directly link the Guasticce hub with the Pisa-Collesalvetti-Vada line.

The amount allocated to Livorno does not cover the entire cost of the project, which is around 488 million euros. However, it is nonetheless an important step towards setting up a crucial link, thanks to which it will be possible to avoid the Romito cliff tunnels, which are now unsuitable for cargo trains, and allow the port to be connected, via the Pisa bypass (the second part of the project, still to be financed), to the Florentine railway junction and, therefore, to the high-speed freight network.

Translation by Giles Foster

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