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Higher freight rates expected

MSC targets environmental regulations

by Port News Editorial Staff

Environmental regulations in force from next year could have a heavy impact on shipping companies’ accounts, warns  MSC.

In a note sent to its customers, the shipping company targets the ETS mechanism, the European Emissions Trading Scheme, which is due to  come into force in  January 2023.

Based on the new regulations, MSC and other shipping companies will have to buy and sell ETS emission allowances for every tonne of CO2 the produce, which will increase their operating costs.

Estimating an average cost of 90 euros per tonne, MSC expects a series of price increases for each container they transport,

On routes between the Far East, the Mediterranean and Northern Europe, the surcharge will be 69 euros for a 20-foot container and 208 for a 40-foot reefer  container.

From Northern Europe and the Mediterranean to the Far East, the costs would be 37 euros per TEU and 110 euros  per reefer FEU .

As regards the shipping of containers on the intra-Mediterranean short sea routes, the higher charges would be 78 euros  per 20-foot container and 233 euros per 40-foot reefer container.

Translation by Giles Foster

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