Contship Italy announcement

New rail link between Italy and China

by Port News Editorial Staff

Contship Italia has announced a new intermodal rail service between China and Italy.

The link will be set up in cooperation with the German operator Bahnoperator GmbH and will connect various Chinese terminals in China’s most productive inland cities and regions with the Lombard hub in Melzo and then re-depart every Saturday on the same outbound route, thus reducing transit time and therefore building a viable alternative to being shipped by sea.

Melzo represents not only the key terminal but also the hub for the integrated services that Sogemar (the holding company of Contship Italia’s continental business) can provide.  They include RHM’s customs service, the intermodal transport service interconnected with Hannibal’s network to and from China, last-mile pickup and delivery with the new driveMybox, and finally the enhancement of the link service with China through the upcoming collaboration with the Group’s rail company OceanoGate.

The service will increase from one weekly departure (Saturday) to two departures (Saturday and Wednesday) over the next few months.

Translation by Giles Foster

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