MOU between Port of Los Angeles and the ports of Yokohama & Tokyo

US & Japan agree on green corridor

by Port News Editorial Staff

The Port of Los Angeles and the Japanese ports of Tokyo & Yokohama have signed an agreement to set up ecological sea corridors along their trade routes.

The agreement at the California-Japan Clean Energy Trade Mission in Tokyo aims to define new synergies on environmental sustainability.

“The Port of Los Angeles is our long-time partner in Japan, and the work to decarbonize  shipping is very important for both ports,” said Shinya Hitomi, CEO of Yokohama-Kawasaki International Port Corp. “This agreement is a significant step forward as we work toward a common goal.”

According to Port of Los Angeles executive director, Gene Seroka, “’Global cooperation is critical if we are to make meaningful progress towards a cleaner and more sustainable maritime industry.”  He said he was  thrilled to be in Japan working with their long-standing partners at the ports of Tokyo and Yokohama.

Translation by Giles Foster

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