72,000 passengers and over 24,000 vehicles

Very busy weekend for Piombino

by Port News Editorial Staff

With the arrival of 72 thousand passengers and over 24 thousand vehicles, the port of Piombino had to cater for a huge amount of traffic this weekend, with the Port Authority having to cope with a constantly increasing flow of people and their cars.

These figures are considerable for this port, consistently busy during the daytime, handling  a record  10250 passengers in just one day.

As a result, the Port Network Authority was forced to deploy personnel from its safety dept. in force to constantly monitor the situation and prevent any particular safety problems from arising as a result of the inevitable congestion of the road network and quaysides.

And if Piombino’s summer is particularly busy, Elba’s is no less so: considering that 94% of the traffic entering and leaving Piombino comes from or is directed to Portoferraio (the remaining 6%, in fact, has as its destination/origin Sardinia and Corsica), the island’s main port handled 68,000 passengers and almost 23,000 vehicles at the weekend.

On Saturday alone, 9554 vehicles transited through Elba’s ports. Ferry arrivals and departures totaled 104. The Stelio Montomoli, the Toremar ferry that had been out of service for special maintenance, has been back in operation since Sunday.

Translation by Giles Foster

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