NYK quality certificate to a Chittagong demolition centre

Bangladeshi shipyards on top form

by Port News Editorial Staff

PHP Ship Recycling Facility is the first demolition facility in Bangladesh to meet the environmental, safety and human rights standards set by NYK Line shipping company.

The Japanese shipping line confirmed it in a press release stating that the site inspection by its supervisors had been successful.

As is well known, the Hong Kong International Convention for the Safe and Environmentally Sound Recycling of Ships was adopted by the International Maritime Organization (IMO) in 2009. Based on this convention, classification societies, such as Japan’s ClassNK, issue declarations of compliance to shipyards that meet the standards set by the IMO.

NYK only uses demolition centres certified by ClassNK and other classification societies, just like the one which it sent its inspectors to. The aim of the audit was to verify that the facility also met NYK’s strictest standards.

The quality certificate was awarded by the shipping company to PHP Ship Recycling Facility following the scrapping of one of its ships there.

NYK was the first Japanese shipping company to take part in the Ship Recycling Transparency Initiative, an information disclosure platform launched in 2018, used by ship owners to publicly disclose information about their ship recycling policies and performance.

Translation by Giles Foster

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