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Africa-UE: una cooperazione ancora precaria

I rapporti con il continente nero dovrebbero essere una priorità per Bruxelles ma nonostante un interscambio significativo (circa 300 miliardi di euro nel 2019), le interconnessioni fra i sistemi di trasporto europeo ed africano sono ancora limitate e insufficienti

Towards climate neutrality, challenges and unknowns

The new decade has just begun, and with the Green New Deal the EU has set itself new goals for environmental sustainability in 2050. However, have the objectives that European countries had set themselves for this year, in particular for transport, been achieved?

EU: moving towards a green future

The transport sector, responsible for 25% of greenhouse gas emissions at EU level, is called upon by the EU to make a quantum leap towards a low environmental impact future

EU: high-pollution transport

Greenhouse gas emissions are decreasing, but those related to transport and mobility are increasing. It’s an air pollution alert

Five years of CEF

From 2014 to date, the CEF has helped to increase the budget for transport and infrastructure

CEF Transport Blending kicks off

Rail transport and alternative fuels are the areas which the investments of the innovative 200 million euro financial instrument launched by the EU Commission and the EIB will focus on.

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