Xeneta analysis

ONE ranked top eco-friendly carrier

by Port News Editorial Staff

The maritime transport sector is one of the biggest emitters of climate-changing gases. This is precisely why Xeneta and Marine Benchmark decided to devote special attention to the issue by developing a particular sustainability index, the Carbon Emissions Index- CEI, calculated by monitoring the major shipping companies and 13 of the most important trade routes.

The most sustainable shipping company is ONE. In the second quarter of 2023, the Singapore-based carrier was the best performer, emitting the lowest number of Co2 emissions per tonne of cargo carried on three trade routes. Evergreen, Maersk and HMM came in joint second. All three were top of the list in at least two of the 13 trade routes. Four other carriers were in first place on at least one of the main routes.

However, HMM was the carrier that managed to outperform the arithmetical average of the CEI score on the most trade routes in the second quarter. On the routes where the carrier operates, there is only one in which it did not do better than the overall average.

Overall, Xeneta points out that in Q2 2023, the  index recorded improvements in 8 of the 13 trade lanes being monitored. The routes with the greatest upturn in terms of sustainability were North Europe-South America (East Coast), and US West Coast-Far East.

Translation by Giles Foster

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