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Workers and employer reach a deal

Peace at last in the port of Felixstowe

by Port News Editorial Staff

Peace now reigns  in the port of Felixstowe. After weeks of strikes, workers and the company owning the British port, Hutchinson, have reached a settlement;   an 8.5 per cent pay rise  and a one-off bonus of £1,000.

According to media reports, 90% of the workers, represented by the Unite union, accepted the new pay offer, thus avoiding a new wave of strikes at the port.

The latest strike action brought the port of call to a standstill for eight days, from 27th September to 5th October, in protest against  the employer’s failure to provide a fair pay adjustment in line with the current inflation rate.

The previous offer, a 7% pay rise and an extra £500 one-off bonus, was deemed insufficient and was rejected by 78% of the over  1,500 workers who voted.

Felixstowe’s chief operating officer said they were very pleased to have reached a settlement,” said, the annual pay review provided “welcome certainty and stability” at a difficult time for their employees.

Translation by Giles Foster

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