Record-breaking weekend

Piombino hits the 100,000 mark

by Port News Editorial Staff

A record-breaking weekend, the one immediately preceding the August bank holiday weekend, for the port of Piombino. Between Friday and Sunday, the port recorded 96,972 passengers, 43,223 of whom were arriving and 56,749 departing. Nearly 33,000 cars followed, 18,892 of which were embarking. The port is increasingly becoming a hub for island links, particularly Elba and Sardinia.

Despite the huge number of people and vehicles, the Port Network Authority – in cooperation and synergy with  local police – managed to ensure that everything ran smoothly and safely. Several critical points in the management of vehicle flows were found on Saturday, when 8,340 incoming and 6,153 outgoing vehicles passed through the port. The number of departing vehicles was the highest it has been in the last 15 years.

Translation by Giles Foster

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