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Maritime & Port Authority of Singapore/Wärtsilä initiative

Sustainability & innovation agreement

by Port News Editorial Staff

The Maritime & Port Authority of Singapore and Wärtsilä have signed an agreement on decarbonisation and digitalization in the maritime sector.

The signatories are going to explore possible new solutions for encouraging the development of renewable fuels. They  will  invest funds  for  using  new types of technology to optimize port and vessel operations and for guaranteeing  full data sharing between the various stakeholders in the logistics chain.

The security issue will not be neglected, of course. MPA and Wartsila are going to collaborate on cyber threat and risk assessments for systems on-board, ship-to-shore system communications and digital platforms. They intend to set up new partnerships with companies specializing in the safe handling of green fuels.

Wärtsilä Executive Vice President Roger Holm said they had established strong ties with MPA over the years, having worked together on various projects to improve efficiency and sustainability.

He firmly believes that the partnership will promote innovation and accelerate the industry’s transition to new, cleaner fuels.

Translation by Giles Foster

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