Reassurances in an interview with Il Tirreno

Vespucci freight village, Rixi: ‘The infrastructures will be built”

by Port News Editorial Staff

“The infrastructures for Livorno freight village envisaged in the 1st August 2022 Cipess resolution will be completed in full compliance with the scheduled timeframe,” Deputy Minister for Infrastructure, Edoardo Rixi, said in an interview with the newspaper, Il Tirreno, this morning.

Mr. Rixi explained that a technical-economic feasibility project had been developed for the rail link between the freight village and the Collesalvetti line and for the Pisa bypass. It has been approved by the Superior Public Works Council with recommendations that are currently being incorporated into the project.

As for the Pisa bypass, the project is expected to be sent to the Environment Ministry in the first ten days of August so the approval process can begin.  In the case of the rail link  between Guasticce and the Collesalvetti line, the updated RFI (Italian Railway Network) dossier is set to be sent by the end of 2023.

In short, the Pisa bypass project can be put out to tender no earlier than March 2024 and the freight village link project in the second half of 2024.

“By those dates,” the deputy minister assures us, “the availability of funding for both infrastructures will be secured. They will be financed entirely by the government, regardless of the cost and possible increases resulting from the updated tender specifications.”

Translation by Giles Foster

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